In the third instalment of our minimal intervention bass series we focus on the deepest level of sub – all on the verge of what an oscillator is capable of holding together. As usual with everything Particular this pack oozes transistor and tube mojo – and a bit of grit. Insert into anything four to the floor and your track will instantly reach for the depths.

All loops are in mono below 180Hz, ensuring they are solid and safe to add to any track.

Created simply by mostly playing as low as you can go – saw wave oscillator usually breaking up earlier and sine oscillators going downwards forever. For sanity sakes we put a rolloff around 25 Hz – too deep is not always good!

Gear used: Oberheim OBMX, Moog Slim Phatty, Jomox MBase 11, Virus T12, Arturia Origin, Scope Modular 4, Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture, API 2500.

In detail expect to find 143 wav files, in 120, 124 and 127 bpm – summing up to 156MB wav files in 48 kHz 24 bit.

Bass sounds in demo are from Deep Down and Certain – Bowl and Below Subbass. Drums are from Severed Bits – Components. Detail loops from the Space Rangers and Severed Bits loops series. Impulse responses for the atmospherics from the Spectrality packs.

Click here to check out the demos and download.