I am a MASSIVE Logic Pro fan. I have used it for years. I was super excited when Logic Pro X was announced, but, like a bunch of people I know I was a little bit concerned when Apple said that Logic Pro X would be dropping 32bit support and be 64bit only.

My first thought was “Sylenth 1! noooooo!”… Its about the only plugin I heavily use that is still 32bit only for Mac.   I know the developer is working on a 64 bit version of the plugin as I have spoken to him, but I believe it’s taking longer than expected and is yet to be released.

I tried a bunch of the make shift solutions and programs like jBridge – which worked – but were very complex to set up and very clunky to use. So up until now I have been running Logic 9 and Logic Pro X side by side.

So along cames 32 Lives from SoundRadix. I demoed it a while back and was amazed how simple it was to set up and use. You run it once as demoed in the video above and it’s done. Your 32bit plugins run just like 64bit plugins inside a 64bit host, no popup windows, no running in background, no multiple click, just simple.

It’s really is a great little app and I just wanted to share this quick video with you about it.

You can check the full specs and compatibility on the SoundRadix website. I hope you find this useful if you didn’t already know about it 🙂