Loopmasters proudly welcome the very talented tub thumper Nathan Curran AKA Tugg the Drummer to Loopmasters for a powerful collection of Live Disco and Electro drum chops ready to drop into your House, Disco, Electro productions. [quote_box_center]Nathan Curran Presents Live Disco & Electro Beats is an exclusive pack of production ready drum loops, we first mic-ed up Nathan’s incredible sounding Premier Acoustic drum kit using high end microphones and solid vintage outboard for totally authentic funk soaked Disco session that James Brown would have been proud of.[/quote_box_center]

Next up, came the Electro Session where Nathan dusted off his Vintage Simmons SDS1000 Electronic Analogue drums and took to the rubber pads jamming out beat after beat of solid dance floor grooves. Once the session was recorded we pushed the loops through some of the vintage classic gear lying around the studio to maximise the impact and presence in the mix without over processing them with  plenty of headroom for you to shape the sound to fit your needs. The collection also features a number of effected and heavily processed electro drums for producers looking for something a bit more wacky ready to go.

Nathan Curran aka Tugg has played drums all over the world, performing and recording with a wide variety of artists including Basement Jaxx (his long term gig), Sir Elton John, Roots Manuva, Pnau, Lily Allen, Reef, Kano, Lady Sovereign, Them Is Me, Faze Action, Candy Staton, Defected Allstars and many more.

Drum Kit

  • Premier Series Elite (with white marine vintage wrap):
  • 10″ × 8″ maple tom
  • 10″ × 9″ maple tom
  • 12″ × 10″ maple tom
  • 14″ × 14″ maple floor tom
  • 16″ × 16″ maple floor tom
  • 22″ × 18″ bass drum
  • Modern Classic Snare Drum
  • 14″ × 5.5″ Hammered Brass Snare Drum


  • All Sabian:
  • 20″ ride
  • 18″ crash
  • 19″ crash
  • 16″ hi-hats

Analog Gear

  • Simmons SDS-1000 module
  • Klone 2 drum pads
  • Roland TD hi-hat
  • Roland CR78 drum machine (percussion)

Nathan Curran Live Beats combines Tugg’s famous in the pocket Disco, Boogie and Afrobeat grooves with straight up classic 80s Electro and Dance rhythms for a completely punchy and funk drenched collection of ready to go drum loops for producers of Disco, Nu Disco, House, Electro and Dubstep worldwide.

Tech Specs

  • 465Mb
  • 130 Acoustic Live Disco Drum Loops
  • 50 Electronic Live Electro Drum Loops
  • 31 Special Effected Electronic Drum Loops
  • 65 One Shot Drum Samples
  • 213 Rex 2 Files