Three tips for electronic music performance using Launch Control, available on its own and as part of Launchpad S Control pack (Containing Launchpad S, Launch Control, custom designed cases, Ableton Live Lite 9 and 1GB of Loopmasters samples). The video shows how perfect Launch Control is for producing electronic music with Ableton Live – especially when used with Launchpad S.

Launch Control is a robust, compact controller with 16 assignable knobs and eight pads – ideal for hands-on control of your mixer, instruments and effects. Designed to partner with Novation Launchpad, Launch Control works with all major music software — and with your iPad. Use Launch Control’s pads to fire off samples while you use the knobs to tweak filters, levels, and effects controls.

Launch Control key features:

  • Compact control surface with 16 knobs and 8 three colour pads
  • Perfect partner to Launchpad, Ableton Live and FL Studio
  • Integrates perfectly with Launchpad app for iPad
  • Tough, portable and bus-powered – even from an iPad
  • 448 controls using 16 on-board templates
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite and an extensive Loopmasters sample pack