In this course from Producertech, experienced producer Rich, aka Defazed, teaches how to make a heavy track in one of the most current and popular styles of electronic music – Glitch Hop. With a career spanning from classic Drum & Bass to the cutting edge of electronic music, and with releases on various record labels in the UK, Germany and the US, as well as a wealth of class-based teaching experience in a number of colleges, Defazed is ideally suited to teach the skills necessary to make professional music with Native Instruments’ Maschine.

(Please note, this contains the modules from Defazed’s ‘Producing Glitch Hop Beats and Bass’ course. A discount voucher is available for students who have already signed up for the reduced course)

In this course, Defazed breaks down a Glitch Hop track into its components, analysing the beats, bass and glitch elements, and demonstrating how to build up a track and give it the characteristic ambience. In addition, he takes you through Native Instruments’ Massive, a synthesiser with incredible flexibility, showing his techniques for creating hard-edged bass patches and building chord sequences, whilst discussing wavetable synthesis and the principles underpinning this technique, which is vital to electronic music.

The lessons come with the Maschine project from the course, as well as 250MB of bonus samples from Loopmasters. Before signing up, have a listen to the track from the course, featured on The Glitch Shop Vol 2 compilation album: [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

This Course includes tutorials from Defazed’s Glitch Hop Beats and Bass Production course, so if already signed up to that, use the Coupon Code provided on that course to apply a discount when you check out.

Module Details

1: Introduction and Demo-track overview
Defazed starts the course by exploring the demo track. He goes through the different sounds and the processing applied, then shows how to set up the master channel for live performance.

2: Recording and Editing Beats
The existing beats are analysed and selecting the right samples is discussed. Defazed demonstrates how to map the drums to the hardware for maximum playability. He then records and edits a new beat, showing how editing from the hardware is quick and intuitive.

3: Glitch Percussion and Vocal Hits
Defazed demonstrates how to create intricate glitch percussion and loops using filters and automation. He then utilises these techniques to create an 8-bar drop by layering the glitch percussion and high impact hits.

4: Producing Glitch Hop Beats and Bass
In this lesson, Defazed provides a step-by-step guide to making the basslines in the track, showing how they are created from scratch with Massive and then made into patterns to go with the drum break.

5: Bassline Construction and Resampling
From start to finish, Defazed shows how to take a bass sound and sample it, goes through the processing on the bass group in detail and shows how the main hard-edged bass that is so characteristic of Glitch Hop is given its punch and power. A demonstration of his use of mid-side processing using Brainworx BX Control V2 is also given.

6: Melodic and Atmospheric Parts
Defazed shows his use of NI Massive to create chords by altering the fundamental frequency of the oscillators, demonstrating the individual effect on the sound that each one has and how he uses them to great effect. He shows how to add variation to different scenes and builds up a huge, dancefloor-filling sound.

7: Completing the Arrangement
In the penultimate lesson, an outro and additional atmospherics are created. Patterns are edited and additional automated effects applied to complete the arrangement.

8: Final Mix Tweaks, Master and Export
Defazed goes through the track, identifying and explaining weak and problem areas and how to improve them, whilst defining the Glitch Hop vibe. The overall mix is analysed and tweaked. A brief overview of sidechain compression, reverb levels and mastering is given before the final track is exported.

SAMPLE MODULE – Excerpt from Module 3 on Glitch Percussion and Vocal Hits. This movie is the first half of lesson 3, demonstrating how to put the Glitch in Glitch Hop.

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