Talented producer and tutor Defazed, aka FracTroniX, is back with a brand new course, to coincide with his new musical direction. With a solid background in the heavier, darker side of production, having numerous releases under Defazed and Metaphra in genres like Neurofunk and Drum and Bass, he’s found new inspiration of late in Glitch Hop.

After the creation of his six and half hour set of tutorials on producing Dubstep in Logic Pro, he started to experiment with NI’s awesome Groove Production Studio, Maschine. The powerful software/hardware combo proved the perfect instrument for unleashing the heavy beats, twisted basslines, glitchy accompaniment and huge leads that produce the distinctive and highly appealing style.

In this first part, he guides you through the steps required to create a fat drum break and rude bassline to go with it, with bass sounds created from scratch with Massive and resampled in Maschine, then programmed into various patterns and mixed with the beats. The lessons come with the Maschine project from the course, as well as a bonus pack of samples from Loopmasters.

Module Details

1. Creating the Beats
The first tutorial runs through the main drums in the track, showing the samples used, then how to work them into a break with the Maschine hardware. Patterns are then edited and processed with various effects.

2. Creating the Bass Part I
In this lesson, Defazed provides a step-by-step guide to making the basslines in the track, showing how they are created from scratch with Massive and then made into patterns to go with the drum break.

3. Creating the Bass Part II

Having shown how to create bass sounds from scratch in the last lesson, Defazed now demonstrates how to resample bass. Then, there are some more tips for editing and processing the entire bass group to fatten up the mix.


Check out the full course here.