Its true there has been some frustration over the last few years with regards LennarDigital’s Sylenth 1 plugin.  On one hand it’s one of THE most popular and used plugins on the market and on the other hand appears to be the most neglected plug in on the market too.

But, fear not! Finally after some ‘sylence’ (see what we did there!) there appears to be some good news.  LennarDigital have posted on Facebook a picture of a very 2015 looking Sylenth1 update with a new UI. Also further news on their Facebook page suggest that a polished UI won’t be all that the long awaited Sylenth1 update will contain.

[quote_box_center]”The update is a completely rewritten Sylenth1 in 32 and 64-bit for Windows and Mac hosts in VST/AU and AAX (ProTools). The GUI will be resizeable and skinnable. Next to this we’ve tightened up the sound processing a bit and made some minor changes in its usability.” – LennarDigital[/quote_box_center]

Click here to see the full size screenshot of the new Sylenth1 UI.

As of yet there have been no details about when the update will be released,  but it seems like good news is on the horizon and rightly so.

Its about time this awesome synth got the updates and attention it deserves and we will look forward to trying it out once its been released.

We’re excited already 🙂